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Metallurgy Europe - EUREKA Cluster


Will lay technical foundation for design&discovery of next-generation metallic alloys, compounds&composites that can be processed into higher-performance metallic components. Will integrate industrial metallic materials,advanced manufacturing, end-user OEM engineering&academic research across Europe

Central System for Monitoring and Evaluating of Transport Movements


Research and development of central database application and service for data evaluation, alerting and controlling of movements of transport objects and vehicles based on data exchange and requirements from different users' applications, with links to current telematics monitoring solutions

Development of special welding wires for repair welding of large forging dies


To develop new types of welding wires for repair welding of large forging dies. Welding wires will be made of novel alloys whose chemical composition will be optimized in order to achieve excellent wear resistance and low risk of cracks in the heat affected zone.

Research and development of a fast multifunctional hybrid tracked chassis


Goal of the project is to develop and manufacture a prototype of a fast multifunctional hybrid tracked chassis. Chassis will constitute platform which will be suitable as carrier for person and will be able to carry many kinds of other accesories (robotic arm, snow plow, etc).

Supplementation of beta-glucans feeding in rainbow trout and Siberian sturgeon


To develop new forms of supplements from Shiitake, based on beta-glucans and lentinan that may eventually eliminate the use of antibiotics and coccidiostats in breeding and fattening fish farms species, evaluating the implementation of this improvement.

Electronic Transport Data Services for Monitoring of Dangerous Goods


Development of missing electronic transport documents, defining of dedicated services for monitoring, improvement of safety and security (prevention and reaction in case of accidents/incidents) and analysis and proposal of regulatory framework in transportation of dangerous goods