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Flux Performance supermoto

Riding fast and powerful electric motorbikes

Slovenian entrepreneur, Marko Ukota, spent 15 years racing a gasoline-guzzling supermoto. Now, with his company, Flux Performance, he is on a mission to deliver a greener version of dirt bike thrills to amateurs and pros alike across the United States of America.

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Posted 22 Jul 24

How ONDyTEC is cleaning up stone-washed denim

The denim jeans market is worth over 70 million euro a year. It has grown yearly for decades and is forecast to continue for the foreseeable future. However, denim’s economic success comes at a high environmental cost.

Indigo is a difficult dye for fabric to absorb. For every pair of jeans made, between 50 and 100 litres of water are polluted with hazardous chemicals, such as sodium hydrosulphite, which damage water courses and ecosystems, leaving large volumes of water toxic.

Javier Frances is a Spanish textile engineer and the founder of ONDyTEC. He brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience to the leadership of a Spanish company specialising in the elimination of hazardous chemicals in fabric dyeing.

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Posted 1 Jul 24

Eureka Network position paper on the next EU framework programme for research and innovation

Addressed to Manuel Heitor, chair of the expert group on the interim evaluation of Horizon Europe, providing strategic advice and recommendations for its successor, FP10 – the 10th framework programme for research and innovation (2028 to 2034).


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Posted 25 Jun 24

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