Why Eureka?

We believe that business knows best, so we give you the freedom to create your ideal consortium and decide the technological focus of your international R&D projects. Our programmes are flexible and open to startups, SMEs, large companies, research organisations and universities.


Provide access to public funding

With access to national public funding, your ambitious international R&D projects become achievable. Since 1985, we have given 48.4 billion euro to organisations, supporting the success of 7,496 R&D projects. Organisations applying to our programmes see a high success rate for receiving funding with only minimal paperwork on applying. In addition, private investors recognise the value of companies who participate in our programmes.


Drive international collaboration

Are your perfect project partners beyond your national borders? Eureka is the first experience of international collaboration for many of our participating organisations, and our programmes encourage you to develop new R&D and business relationships. International R&D projects see a high quality of innovation, so take the next step towards combining expertise, exchanging knowledge, enhancing your resources and capabilities and reducing risks.


Boost expansion into new markets

Our programmes focus on the R&D of close-to-market products, processes or services. And with more than 45 countries in our network, you can easily explore markets in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Offer personalised advice

Our national project coordinators have vast experience supporting R&D projects and collaborating with partners around the world. With national project coordinators based in all 47 Eureka countries, we can provide you with cultural context for your R&D project in your local language. Your national project coordinator will guide you to the right programme and the right partners and help you with your application.

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