Public authority participation

Eureka is a network of 48 countries (and the European Commission). Each country has a representative national funding body that supports its organisations by funding international R&D projects. Our network is open to collaboration from national funding bodies and ministries outside of the 48 countries. There are two methods by which they can get involved:

  • Launch a Globalstars calls for projects with Eureka countries
  • Become a member

To discuss a call for projects-based or more permanent partnership with Eureka countries, contact us.

Launch a Globalstars call for projects

Our Globalstars programme promotes and supports calls for projects (sometimes thematic) with Eureka countries and countries outside of our network. This flexible model allows national funding bodies to allocate funding and set up international calls for projects around a shared priority without needing to establish multiple agreements.

There are certain conditions for cooperating on a Globalstars call for projects as a non-Eureka national funding body. Countries must:

  • create a call for projects with at least two Eureka countries,
  • have the capacity to implement the call for projects with partners and
  • possess financial capacity and resources to support organisations who apply.

Globalstars calls for projects must support projects that:

  • represent cooperation in the form of a specific project,
  • are directed at researching or developing a product, process or service and
  • have a civilian purpose.

Become a member

There are two types of membership: associated country and full membership.

  • Associated country: For any country recognised by the United Nations located outside of geographical Europe. Associated membership lasts for four years and is renewed once based on active participation in our programmes. After two four-year periods, associated countries can become full members.
  • Full membership: Permanent membership open to countries recognised by the United Nations located inside geographical Europe.

National funding bodies wishing to become a more permanent part of the Eureka network must have already participated in one of our programmes (e.g. Globalstars). If you wish to discuss membership or a Globalstars collaboration, contact us below.

Already a Eureka country? Increase your engagement with us.

If you’re already a Eureka member or associated country, you can increase your active participation by:

  • launching a call with other countries,
  • exploring European structural funds to increase the amount of support you can provide organisations in your country and
  • collaborating with the Enterprise Europe network (EEN) to help organisations in your country find project partners.

Contact us for further information and guidelines.