COVID-19 call for projects open and national initiatives

As an international network supporting innovation beyond borders, we know that when people work together, extraordinary things can happen.

In the past weeks, our colleagues across the network have been banging their virtual heads together to put in place support measures for businesses and researchers to find COVID19 solutions.

Global actions

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) launched a new Eureka call – Solutions for COVID-19 Echo Period – Life without a vaccine. This call (and a second on 15 May) is supported by Eureka countries France, Denmark, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, and Estonia.

But such support measures are not limited to Eureka. Your national funding body may well have a targeted call for projects in this area. We’ve compiled a list of those we know about, that you can access through the links below. This list will be continuously updated.

As we continue in this alternative way of working, I want to thank every Eureka colleague for their personal and unwavering commitment, and every one of you for your continuing efforts to improve our everyday lives with your innovative endeavours.

We know we still have more to do, but we, Eureka, are working round the clock to address this, and we are absolutely committed to supporting you on your R&D&I journey every step of the way.

Above all, we wish you all the best in health, strength and resilience.

Yours faithfully,

Philippe Vanrie

Head of the Eureka Secretariat

Our open calls
Posted 20 April 20