Eureka Network position paper on the next EU framework programme for research and innovation

Addressed to Manuel Heitor, chair of the expert group on the interim evaluation of Horizon Europe, providing strategic advice and recommendations for its successor, FP10 – the 10th framework programme for research and innovation (2028 to 2034).


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“At Eureka, we very much welcome the invitation by Manuel Heitor to contribute to his expert group’s reflection on the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10). It is for us a clear recognition of the crucial role that the Eureka network has been playing in the research, development and innovation landscape for nearly 40 years, and continues to play today, particularly in our funding and support of SMEs stepping into international collaborative projects in the Horizon Europe co-funded European Partnership on Innovative SMEs. Our close-to-market, horizontal and bottom-up approach to supporting R&D and innovation, continues to boost jobs, stimulate economic growth, and enhance societal wellbeing.

In this paper, we make clear how Eureka adds value and complements the other funding programmes available at national and European level and how we suggest continuing to improve our programmes, enhancing synergies and pathways for our participants across the innovation ecosystem.”

Brit Helle, Director-General at Eureka Network

Posted 25 June 24