European Partnership on Innovative SMEs – Reaction to the UK’s association to Horizon Europe and Copernicus

The United Kingdom and European Commission reached political agreement on 7 September 2023 on the United Kingdom’s association to Horizon Europe. This means that all calls in Work Programme 2024 will be covered by association.

In agreement with the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology and Innovate UK, we confirm that pre-existing eligibility requirements have not changed for existing (open) calls: Eurostars-3 (closing 14 September 2023) and Innowwide (closing 17 October 2023).

  • Eurostars (deadline 14 September 2023): United Kingdom entities must have at least one other entity from a European Union or Horizon Europe associated country in their consortium to participate in a Eurostars project. United Kingdom participants within eligible consortia can continue to participate in the Eurostars programme and receive national funding.
  • Innowwide (deadline 17 October 2023): By not considering the United Kingdom as associated to Horizon Europe at this time, United Kingdom entities are not eligible to participate.

Please contact your national project coordinator for more information.

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Posted 11 September 23