Canada call for projects summer-autumn 2024

Deadline: 31 October 2024 18:00 CEST

Apply from:

13 June 2024


31 October 2024 18:00 CEST

The National Research Council Canada (NRC) has allocated funding for organisations collaborating on international R&D projects in all technological fields.


You can submit your R&D project application for this call for projects between 13 June 2024 and 31 October 2024. Your project consortium must include at least one Canadian SME and an organisation based in one of the Eureka member countries/regions.

Countries/regions with funding


If you are based in another country wanting to participate in an international project with a Canadian organisation, contact your national funding body to see what funding opportunities are available for your organisation. If your national funding body has no allocated funds for Eureka’s Network projects programme, you may be eligible for other national funding programmes or you can participate in a project by self-funding.

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