Türkiye Chair

Eureka’s Chair is held by Türkiye from July 2023 and June 2024. The candidacy was approved in a High-level Group meeting held in Belgium in 2022.

In recent years, the transformative and destructive effects of rapidly developing technologies, global trends, socio-economic challenges persist in increasing the need for science, technology, and innovation across all countries.

However, sustainability, digitalisation, resilience to multiple risks, social inclusion, competitiveness and working together have gained even greater importance to open new opportunities for a more sustainable future.

To realise our goals for Eureka during our time as Chair, a dedicated team from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK) has been established. We will work together with the Eureka Secretariat and the Executive Board and Executive Group to strengthen Eureka according to our priority areas.

Eureka plays a vital role in tackling global challenges by fostering collaboration, promoting innovation and facilitating the development of comprehensive solutions.

With cross-border cooperation, a holistic approach and focus on market-oriented solutions, Eureka contributes to addressing global challenges effectively and creating a positive impact on a global scale.

The solutions developed through Eureka projects have the potential to benefit not only the countries in our network, but also the international community, contributing to global sustainable development and well-being.

Türkiye has always recognised the importance of international collaboration in driving innovation and economic growth. Over the years, we have actively participated in various Eureka projects, contributing our expertise and resources to fostering groundbreaking initiatives across different sectors.

As Eureka’s Chair country, Türkiye has a unique opportunity to tackle global challenges through leadership, regional perspective, collaboration and innovation. By leveraging its expertise, engaging in strategic partnerships, promoting Sustainable Development Goals, and involving SMEs and the public, Türkiye can make a significant impact in addressing these challenges and contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.

By assuming the Chair, Türkiye aims to build upon this foundation and further strengthen the cooperation between Eureka countries to tackle global challenges.

Turkish Chair priorities


Impactful instruments

The goals of this priority area include:

  • improving data analysis of Eureka programmes,
  • pursuing data studies,
  • solving data dashboard issues,
  • efficiently implementing the European Partnership on Innovative SMEs and
  • continuing the revitalisation of the Clusters programme.

Embrace the globe

To create a collaborative ecosystem that transcends borders, empowers businesses and propels technological breakthroughs, we plan to realise four goals under this priority area by the end of the Turkish Chair period.

The first goal is to explore global opportunities with countries Eureka can work with, based on the output of a survey on global cooperation.

The second goal is to increase the engagement of less active Eureka countries (in particular, European Commission determined widening countries and the Western Balkans).

The third goal is to explore synergies with relevant regional, national and international R&D, innovation and investment programmes and initiatives.

Lastly, the fourth goal includes promoting Eureka labeled SMEs within the global venture capital ecosystem and reinforcing the communication of success stories globally.


Building a green and digital future

To create a collaborative and innovative ecosystem that drives positive societal impact and addresses global challenges, we plan to achieve these goals:

  • Boost calls for projects and explore opportunities linking Eureka to the twin transition
  • Contribute to disaster-resilient societies
  • Promote open data principles, balancing as open as possible and as closed as necessary

Sustainability of Eureka

By promoting gender equality, streamlining our governance structure and strengthening the role of the Executive Board, building on the progress made by the Executive Group on lean governance, enhancing the decision-making processes and ensuring effective oversight and providing support and continuity for future Chairs, we aim to help maintain the strength and relevance of Eureka.

To realise this priority, we have outlined the following goals:

  • Promote gender equality and inclusion in all of Eureka’s activities
  • Continue the work carried out by the Executive Group on lean governance and strengthening the role of the Executive Board, including revitalising the Troika culture
  • Consider reinforcing the Secretariat with a branch assisting future Chairs

Turkish Chair team

İsmail Doğan

High-level Group Chair

Umut Ege

National Project Coordinator Chair

Prof. Dr. Duygu Çelik

High-level Representative

Dr. Ayda Kara Pektaş

National Project Coordinator

Ezgi Bener

Policy Officer

Burak Tiftik

Project Officer

Şükran Alpdemir

Project Officer

Murat Yılmaz Kalkan

Communication Coordinator

Tuğçe Çağlayan Solak

Finance Expert

Contact the Turkish Chair

Contact our team: eureka@tubitak.gov.tr

Follow our work and activities:

  • Twitter/x – @Eureka_Turkiye
  • LinkedIn – @Eureka_Turkiye



During the Turkish Chair period, a number of events will be held in different countries, including Türkiye, Korea and Belgium. One of these events includes the Global Innovation Summit, which will take place in Istanbul, Türkiye.

An event in honour of Eureka Korea Day will take place in Seoul, Korea, on 30-31 October; the Eureka Turkish Chair team will attend.





Eureka Korea Day:
30-31 October 2023 in Seoul, Korea

Global Innovation Summit:
13-14 June 2024 in İstanbul, Türkiye



Eureka meetings

National Project Coordinator and High-level Group meetings:
21-22 November 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

Turkish Chair launch event:
21 June 2023 in the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Brussels, Belgium

Executive Group and Executive Board meetings:
11-12 July 2023 in İstanbul, Türkiye

Executive Group and Executive Board meetings:
11-12 October 2023 in Brussels, Belgium (hybrid)

National Project Coordinator and High-level Group meetings:
21-23 November 2023 in Ankara, Türkiye

Executive Group and Executive Board meetings:
5-6 March 2024 in Brussels, Belgium (hybrid)

National Project Coordinator and High-level Group meetings:
16-18 April 2024 in İzmir, Türkiye

Executive Group and Executive Board meetings:
21-22 May 2024 in Brussels, Belgium (hybrid)

National Project Coordinator and High-level Group meetings:
11-12 June 2024 in İstanbul, Türkiye