How to apply

  1. Contact your national funding body using the form below to discuss your project idea, financial viability and eligibility.
  2. Create an account on our application portal (one per consortium) and select the funding opportunity you want to apply to. Using the portal, complete one application form per consortium (in English) and invite other consortium partners to fill in a partner form.
  3. Upload a GANTT chart (one per consortium), a signed and completed co-signature form (which you can download from the platform) and any additional required annexes.
  4. Your application will be checked for completeness and eligibility before being reviewed using a standard evaluation procedure.
  5. If successful, your project will receive a Eureka label.
  6. Your national funding body may carry out a further evaluation (performed by your national contact and technical experts) according to national rules before allocating funds to successful applicants.
  7. The final step is to complete a signed consortium agreement. We recommend that you seek legal advice when drafting your consortium agreement.



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If you have technical difficulties applying to our Eurostars programme, email specifying your project ID number and your company name.