Eureka and South Africa

South African organisations participating in international R&D projects are eligible for funding through our Network projects, Globalstars, Eurostars and Clusters programmes. If you are based in South Africa and seeking funding for an R&D project, your first point of contact is with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI). The DSI supports South African organisations interested in international collaboration giving them access to expertise and supporting their growth.

  • 4.30M€ MOBILISED SINCE 2014

South Africa offers you


Partner search

The DSI can help you to find project partners by contacting other national funding bodies in Eureka’s network (consisting of over 45 member countries). For more information on how to find international project partners, contact the DSI or consult the ESASTAP website


Advice services and support tools

The DSI offers advice and support from concept to commercialisation for organisations collaborating on international R&D projects. The DSI can confirm your organisation’s eligibility, answer questions about the application process and review your proposal before you submit your application. A network of national and international partners provides you with access to customised support and connects you with industry experts.

The DSI offers additional support that complements Eureka’s funding programmes, such as its mobility support for South African participants to attend events and finalise joint proposals with partners, information sessions for applicants and global conferences, workshops and networking events.

South Africa funds

  • Clusters

    (2 funded)

    Industry-driven programmes with thematic communities of experts, large companies, SMEs, universities and research organisations. Collaborate on R&D projects of any size.

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  • Eurostars


    Innovative SMEs lead international project consortia and receive national and EU funding to realise their innovation.

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  • Globalstars


    Calls for R&D projects with partners in a specific country outside the Eureka network.

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  • Innowwide


    Innovative SMEs receive a grant of 60,000 euro to assess the viability of research or commercial ambitions in international target markets.

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  • Investment readiness


    Connecting startups and SMEs with corporate venturing teams and investors. Participate in international missions and corporate activities.

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  • Network projects


    A flexible programme for R&D projects with any technological focus. You can propose or join a project at any time or take part in our regular calls.

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The programme that interests you isn’t listed as funded?

We recommend that you get in touch with your national contact to talk about funding options even if a programme is listed as not funded. There might still be funding available.

In the absence of any national funding support, it is still possible to participate in a project by self-funding.

Contacts in South Africa

TOTO MATSHEDISO - Main contact/ National Project Coordinator (NPC)

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If you have technical difficulties applying to our Eurostars programme, email specifying your project ID number, your company name and your country.